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1 aprile palazzo Cusani ,Milano,Trifase Blues band, successo della proposta culturale conosciamo il blues.


( il chitarrista Gianpaolo Tirale (a sinistra)ed il pianista Roberto Baroni


NUMERO UNO vedi le foto di album italia dell’evento

NUMERO DUE clicca sulla frase in color azzurro qui’accanto e visualizza la locandina dell’evento con pdf viewer :FridayAprile modFridayAprile

NUMERO TRE Leggi l’intervista mondiale della Trifase Blues Band rilasciata a Crazypellas aprendo l’indirizzo web sottoindicato:

mod Rockfanzine


Trifase Blues Band ,special guest at PINTAR arts esxhibition in the city of Palermo , Sicily . Musician Beppe Ciaccio at the red carpet grand opening

On March 5th in the City of Palermo, musician Beppe Ciaccio from Trifase Blues Band attended the grand opening of the annual Pintar Exhibit in the great hall of the  Palermo’s city council . The exhibit presented several paintings from florentine painters including Lina Vinazzani ,which is considered a valid Leonardo Da Vinci’s style now a days painter.

During the opening Mister Ciaccio performed several songs on his acoustic guitar and took the opportunity to perform alone with his african tribal  drum. During the opening Mister Ciaccio commented his most recent recordings with Trifase Blues Orchestra’s  artists while beeing  interviewed by the local press in Sicily.

trifase blues band

be history ! inizia a sognare!

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