SABATO 7 MAGGIO ORE 14,00 Apertura porte Vimodrone, Radio Number 0ne – LA Trifase Blues Orchestra presenta l’opera blues dal titolo, i bambini di Cernobyl.

Sono arrivati in piazza insieme agli altri gruppi Vimodronesi : I Leopardi mitici e dal cuore d’oro, i No way grandi amici di sempre, e the Wanteds una chicca tutta anni 60 Eccoli anche loro la Trifase Blues Orchestra scendere in campo con i loro amici musicisti per condividere il 30 anniversario della tragedia di Cernobyl , per non dimenticare e per dire mai piu’ , mai piu’ . Sarà anche per Vimodrone una occasione per ricordare le tantissime famiglie Vimodronesi che in 20 anni , hanno offerto la loro dolcissima accoglienza a tanti bambini , molti dei quali ora sono grandi e con famiglia , ma tutti ricordano i loro soggiorni Vimodronesi . E così eccoci pronti al via con le nostre chitarre , uno spettacolo da nonperdere organizzato in tutto punto dal Comune di Vimodrone. Vi aspettiamo numerosi!

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interview with the Trifase Blues Band

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byCrazy Pellas

Trifase Blues Band are “6 Old Boots” from Italy who’ve recently been shooting a lot of videos in Venice for a movie they’re working on.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Trifase Blues Band. Tell us a bit about yourselves, your names, ages, where you’re from and an interesting fact if you like…
Name Trifase Blues Band
Age: 6 Old Boots

Hey world! Look at Italy.

Is there a story behind your name?
Trifase Blues Band, yes, the whole thing here is that we have discovered our own way to play our own music.

And we named it “Trifase.”

Number3 tells the story of the Trifase Blues Band. Trifase means third phase. We consider the world had a first phase in the spirituals and people in churches and cotton fields had the music, than a second phase with the modern Blues. Further we like to envision a third phase that will get back again to the people like it was in the first phase. We mean music made by people for the people and with the people. We are having this wonderful experience with this concept. From there we developed a new way to play and we called it “trifase,” we are very happy with the band.

How long have you been a band?
This is now our third year.

What first got you interested in forming a band?
Well first we had in common this new way of playing music, it’s called Trifase, a new thing.

It happened the moment we met 3 years ago, we knew we were a good band from that moment on. All of us had a long musician’s history. We are six great friends.

What/who inspires your music?
Blues music, but inside of us there is a huge inspiraton – It’s not just music, you see? It’s art! Almost all music we are used to today doesn’t necessarily deals with art. Today music world is thinking in riffs but riffs are just riffs. Music-Art, is different. Sometimes we play for thirty or even 45 minutes and we don’t want to cut the recording down to a 2′ 45″song. We are unwilling to do that.

Do you see being in a band as a career, or as a hobby?
No it’s our life, not as a career, it’s not a hobby.

What are you trying to do with your music? Do you want to help your community? Are you trying to get rich? What is your goal for your music?
It looks like you are asking us what we would like to say, thanks! Our purpose with the Trifase Blues Band is to make people happy and to communicate broadly our new way of music, the TRIFASE. We do that because it’s our hurge plus it pays back! When you see the gratitude in the eyes of the audience or even tears, man, you cannot stop. And you want to give more, our sound is perfect for that purpose! Making people happy! No we are not looking something less or different than this -That’s is exactly what we want to do in life and we are feeling good because of that.

How does it feel when you perform live?
Usually all our concerts starts slowly and grows up fast to action and enthusiasm – The band has a huge potential and energy but we love to express our self also acoustic with to a calm and poetic mood and very natural like we are. People look at us as unconventional – We always break their expectancy by giving something new always. We start a real communication with the audience. Sometimes we even take some time to engage in talk shows with the audience, we like to play that way, it’s a very moving experience – When we get on stage we do not know what is about to happen. Everything will be live and sincere -The audience loves that. Our concerts are becoming more and more similar to happenings. Coral participation and joy. Everything is going back to the music we play, we call it Trifase, among us we do not even call it music anymore . When we play, we used to say each other: “are you in Trifase?” to mean that you are in range with the other musicians of the band.

Do you have any kind of management, publishing or distribution team behind you? If so what are their responsibilities?
Yes our own but no external agencies! We are fully independent with our own team and tribe, when we move everybody knows what to do and does it. Organizations need to service art and what will happen in the show and everything needs to be well in gears!

What are some accomplishments that you have achieved, and are most proud of?
This year we have been winning for the second year in a row the Milano Grammy award, we are very proud of that. Art is a big thing in Italy, cities like Venice, Florence and Rome and Pompei offer a perfect location for us, but one thing that we have been very proud of has been jamming with 400 children on percussions.

Have you ever made any contact with major artists or other high positioned people in the music industry and do you keep in contact with them?
Being experienced musicians we have friends anywhere in the market, but we prefer, as I said, to be fully independent and they respect our choice – But still we met them frequently and drink beers together with our old friends.

What one tip would you give to other aspiring independent artists?
Trust yourself and persist, do not compromise.

What do you see is in the future for the music industry? How do you think it will evolve/change?
The civilized world is growing bigger, the need of arts and music will also become bigger and bigger and people will become aware of their need of arts – they will consume and exchange art like it happens now with goods and food. Majors and the industry will not be able to satisfy all that demand but the independents will and by associating with each other, independents will supply all the demand of arts.

Lives, entertainment will also become a bigger thing in the future everywhere – The world needs to go back to humanity and cooperate, this will be true for all of us, humankind will appreciate the living communication more and more. We artists are playing a big role in this and will have a huge responsibility in this game. Art and art music gives good vibes that benefit people, it is not our case, but music will become more and more like a therapy useful to anybody.

Do you feel like the internet is helping you as an independent artist?
Yes it helps – Internet it is to be used as a tool, but without ideas and creations is almost useless. People need to communicate and create and yes they can use internet to organize their things better but nothing more than that. Not a big deal to talk about.

How do you think social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have affected the music industry?
Well when we are on a live show we have to offer our best and we always have a huge job to do to get the communication across the audience and to make an audience communicating with all the others in the audience – We are making this happening, that is what we are doing out there and we know that is much more difficult when people are out of communication with one to the other, you see? They are less using personal relations by sitting behind a pc everyday – We have nothing against music industry or socials networks and for sure we love people – Sometimes we feel we are rewriting the music industry history. During some of our concerts we love to think and perform like if we are on year 1931 starting all over again but without all those troubles and losses of last century.

Where can we hear your music online?
iTunes, Amazon, everywhere just digit Trifase Blues Band.


What projects are you working on at the moment?
Right now we are shooting a lot of videos in Venice as we are working on a movie, do not tell it in Italy as it is still a secret. One other project we have is to teach other musicians the way we play our genre Trifase music in order to build up our own orchestra.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
We are building up an orchestra based on our own way to play music, its name is the TRIFASE BLUES ORCHESTRA and we would like that will exist for a very long long time in the future like a regular big band forwarding our way of making art and music.

Do you have any shoutouts you want to give?
Yes, we want to wish you also a great time in TRIFASE.

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate our purposes and plans, lots of love!

Thanks again Trifase Blues Band for doing this interview.

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1 aprile palazzo Cusani ,Milano,Trifase Blues band, successo della proposta culturale conosciamo il blues.


( il chitarrista Gianpaolo Tirale (a sinistra)ed il pianista Roberto Baroni


NUMERO UNO vedi le foto di album italia dell’evento

NUMERO DUE clicca sulla frase in color azzurro qui’accanto e visualizza la locandina dell’evento con pdf viewer :FridayAprile modFridayAprile

NUMERO TRE Leggi l’intervista mondiale della Trifase Blues Band rilasciata a Crazypellas aprendo l’indirizzo web sottoindicato:

mod Rockfanzine


Trifase Blues Band ,special guest at PINTAR arts esxhibition in the city of Palermo , Sicily . Musician Beppe Ciaccio at the red carpet grand opening

On March 5th in the City of Palermo, musician Beppe Ciaccio from Trifase Blues Band attended the grand opening of the annual Pintar Exhibit in the great hall of the  Palermo’s city council . The exhibit presented several paintings from florentine painters including Lina Vinazzani ,which is considered a valid Leonardo Da Vinci’s style now a days painter.

During the opening Mister Ciaccio performed several songs on his acoustic guitar and took the opportunity to perform alone with his african tribal  drum. During the opening Mister Ciaccio commented his most recent recordings with Trifase Blues Orchestra’s  artists while beeing  interviewed by the local press in Sicily.

Anche Milano ha i suoi Grammies Awards, il 19 febbraio red carpet per la Trifase Blues Band, premiata anche per le attività umanitarie della band milanese.(awakemedia)

Venerdì 19 febbraio Milano celebra la consegna dei suoi Grammies awards alle nominations del 2016. I’ambito  gramofono d’oro verrà con tutta probabilità assegnato alla Trifase Blues Band milanese, distintasi per l’ottimo andamento dell’album dal titolo , Ecco a voi il Blues Trifase consacrato nel gotha della discografia indipendente con il prestigioso marchio Trifase Records dopo gli ascolti ecclattanti raggiunti in tutto il mondo , ma in massiccia presenza negli states particolarmente a Los angeles e New York.

pubblicati negli USA da Scope Radio e Jango Radio gli indici di ascolto favorevoli alla band Mlanese.

La premiazione sarà ospite del salotto della nobildonna , Baronessa Suares con la conduzione del presentatore televisivo Paky Arcella .

La particolarita’ del premio milanese consiste nel premiare non solo l’Arte e la musica ,ma anche la componente umanitaria degli artisti nominati al premio. La Trifase Blues Band, nata nel celebre locale cult  “le Scimmie” gioca nel suo reppertorio , una  propria carta con una connotazione di impronta ” Blues “, ma i brani di punta come “Danubio Blues” e nel Blue dipinto di Blues” divertono a piacciono perche’ estrosi ed anche comici oltre ad essere italianissimi.(awakemedia)








Trifase Blues band orchestra on air in Cornwall.

Il Blues-trifase  Trifase Blues Band continua ad essere  trasmesso on air da SOURCE FM RADIO IN CORNOVAGLIA

Come spesso avviene nelle favole non poteva avere audience migliore della CORNOVAGLIA , terra delle antiche leggende di re Artù !


Trifase Blues Band & Orchestra


nella foto il drummer della Trifase Blues Band , Milord Alberto Brugnettini


L’Orchestra Trifase , concerto a palazzo Cusani , ospiti in serata della bravissima soprano Valentina Pennino , in versione jazz , accompagnata al pianoforte dal Maestro Annibale Rebaudengo. Voce narrante Mr. Sergio Israel storico proprietario delle Scimmie a porta Ticinese. fotografie cortesemente da www.Album tutti i diritti riservati.

a4m0020150207bit2aadj0062-131v-img_0240Palazzo Cusani, salone Radetzy , affresco.

a4m0020150924bit2aafh0063-049v-img_0566Giuseppe Ciaccio , musicista.a4m0020150924bit2aafh0063-051v-img_0570Il Dottor Roberto Baroni, creativo .                                                                                                     pianoforte dell’Orchestra Trifase


Mr. Sergio Israel ,ha diretto il palcoscenico de Le Scimmie a Milano, porta Ticinese per 30 anni.Amico personale  dei componenti della Trifase Blues Band ,ha partecipato quale Voce narrante scegliendo e recitando brani di poesie tra le sue preferite  – Il commento musicale è stato erogato  dalla Trifase Blues Orchestra  nella serata a Palazzo Cusani.

a4m0020150924bit2aafh0063-042v-img_0554l’Orchestra Trifase swingin’ Bluesing a4m0020150924bit2aafh0063-108v-img_0701     particolari curati ed eleganza.a4m0020150924bit2aafh0063-092v-img_0661

i componenti dell’Orchestra  a cena con i loro Ospiti , in primo piano il Dott. Roberto Baroni , pianoforte.


-Mauro Bocchini immobiliarista a Lugano , Svizzera sulla vostra destra  ,la voce Blues italiana  dell’Orchestra Trifase Blues

Luca Moiana , interior designer .                                                                              Sax e armonica solista dell’Orchestra Trifase


Sulla Sinistra La Signora Valerie ,consorte  di Alberto Brugnettini al tavolo con gli ospiti illustri della serata.


un Grazie all’angelo della serata ,                                                                      la soprano, Signora Valentina Pennino.nell’incanto del salone Radeztky


Alberto Brugnettini, fisico .                                                                                                                   batterista dell’ Orchestra Trifase

servizio fotografico per cortesia di http://www.Album                                                                        (c) tutti i diritti riservati.



Abbiamo la nostra musica distribuita  on line in tutto il mondo .



sintonizzati su  WWW.JANGO.COM – TRIFASE Blues Band Radio

Ascolta  Gratis la nostra musica , mantieniti aggiornato sull’ Arte Trifase,

conosci le date delle nostre iniziative a favore dell’Arte e degli artisti,

scopri le notizie sulla Trifase Blues Band, sulla Trifase Blues Band Orchestra e sugli altri artisti del Magic Circus ascoltando la Trifase Blues Band Radio.


tondo etichetta con radio+










Continua a leggere…


tondo etichetta con radio+



la Trifase Blues Band ha ora LA SUA RADIO STREAMING !

una radio tutta sua , Ascoltaci ora è completamente gratis ,freeeeee.

vai prima al sito WWW.JANGO.COM poi nella casella cerca , scrivi Trifase Blues Band Radio  ed eccoti IN RADIO!

potrai sentire subito tutte le nostre musiche e canzoni e anche quelle degli artisti che amiamo . Potrai interaggire con noi ed entrare nel nostro CLUB , il tutto completamente freeeeeeeee,Gratis.

ciao🙂 La Trifase Blues Band

translation :
we have now our RADIO . PLEASE DIGIT , open the page and digit Trifase Blues Band Radio and there you are with us -Listen our music , hear the music of the artists we like and KEEP IN  TOUCH WITH US PERSONALLY –
:)Trifase Blues Band , ALL 4 MEMBERS

Riconoscimenti alla Trifase Blues Band

  •  GruppoGranMilan_2400

    Un grande riconoscimento è stato attribuito oggi alla Trifase Blues Band in Costa Smeralda-dal Team di Radio RTL.
    Gli apprezzamenti aumentano salgono per la singolare orchestrina nata nel locale di MR. Sergio Israel , le Scimmie di Milano:)
    Trifase Records – Ufficio Relazioni pubbliche.

    VENERDì 31 LUGLIO 2015 Dopo una magnifica cena al circolo letterario di milano eccovi la foto ufficiale della consegna della Nomination alla Trifase Blues Band . nella foto da sinistra 3 gentilissime sostenitrici il Dr. Roberto Baroni , tastierista della Band , Mr. Sergio Israel figura di spicco nella cultura milanese, Trino lead guitar , il jazzista Ing.Alberto Brugnettini e l’armonicista Luke Moiana ,interior designer  della Trifase Blues Band, La foto gentilmente da Davide Israel ( Musicomio)


    Alla Trifase Blues Band Orchestra

    Il Comitato del GranMylan Awards 2015, decreta:la simpatia e il saper interpretarla sono la carta vincente. 

    Alla Trifase Blues Band
    La Giuria del GranMylan Awards esaminando le candidature al premio 2015 ha rilevato che in un solo anno la Trifase Blues Band Orchestra ,artisticamente cresciuta nel celeberrimo locale LE SCIMMIE sui Navigli , si è esibita con crescente successo dal  Legend Club 54 al Tunnel club ed il 3 luglio 2015 tiene una esibizione all’Alcatraz live nell’ambito del CONCORSO EMERGENZA FESTIVAL 2015
    Emergenza festival ha scritto di loro “Quando la musica è puro amore. La musica dura per sempre, non ha età, non ha generi, non ha confini, è solo puro amore . Questo è quello che penso quando vedo i Trifase sui palchi di Emergenza Festival” .
    il pubblico dice: Sanno donare buonumore  distinguendosi da argomenti scontati e temi triti e ritriti e detriti già sentiti , coinvolgono il pubblico generando pathos e magia. il loro Trifase Sound fa sognare un mondo con una dimensione in piu’ !
     love is back with peace !
    Grazie del Vostro sostegno .la creazione dell’improvvisazione spontanea ed immediata non si fermerà più!
trifase blues band

be history ! inizia a sognare!

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